Thursday's Giveaways

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Yay it's Thursday! I have so much to do today, but because I'm prego I'm on a giveaway kick and trying to win as much as I can before this babe is born. My mom is so good at signing up for giveaways...she wins so much! Maybe her good luck will rub off on me!

Mom sent me a link to Two of a Kind Working on a Full House, where she has a giveaway perfect for pregnant mamas like me. Kibbon has generously sponsored her blog, and she'll be awarding one lucky reader with a Just For Mom Gift Set that includes a Belli Pregnancy Gift Set and a Belly Bandit Couture. I so want that Belly Bandit thing...oh how I want one! This will be my third c-section and I'm not at all looking forward to the recovery! Giveaway ends September 14th.

While I was signing up for the above giveaway, I noticed that an extra entry could be garnered by signing up for an additional giveaway that Two of a Kind Working on a Full House is holding right now! Its a gorgeous blanket bag from Chic Tots! You can choose the fabric, and they have several beautiful colors and styles available. They also carry some lovely slings and wristlets, and even wipes holders! Giveaway ends on September 14th.

Take a trip on over to the Piece of Me Blog. She is giving away a Giggles and Grin's Photo Frame and the winner gets to choose the style! Giggles and Grins Designs has some of the funnest picture frames I've seen in a long time. They have some great themed designs for travelling, school, babies and even teens. I'm looking forward to this giveaway! Giveaway ends September 1st, so hurry!

Jenna, from A Mom's Balancing Act commented on THIS post, and I got introduced to her fab blog! What a great mommy she is. I love the pic of her baby at the zoo, astride a play giraffe with such love in her eyes! Jenna is hosting a giveaway on her site too. If your prenant like me, you'll definately want to head over to her Ellegant Elle Maternity Clothing Giveaway. Ellegant Elle sponsored Jenna's blog and gave her some maternity tops to review. The tops looked great on her, and now one of her lucky readers can win one as well! Giveaway ends on September 2nd.


Jenna said...

Thanks for posting this...those do sound like great giveaways!!


Your Impact Matters said...

Oh Jenna...I'm in trouble! I was only going to enter one more giveaway and then take a break, but you have some great ones on your blog. Now I'm NEVER going to get anything done lol

Making of a Montessori Mum said...

Hey Prepared Mommy! Thanks for visiting my site! Hope you found some winner books and music from the library for your circle time. Ill have to check out all these giveaways. Thanks! (: