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Saturday, January 03, 2009 Edit This 0 Comments »
This is Janeen from Your Impact Matters. I've decided that with all the blog giveaways that I enter that I wanted to create another blog just to link to those giveaways and give me better chances of winning without cluttering my main blog with all those giveaway links.

Then, I realized that with all my couponing, all the free things that I get in the mail and at the store, and my ever constant goal of being more prepared for any situation and having plenty of food stockpiled for my family that those thoughts and posts would have a nice home here on this new blog!

So, if you are also a frugal mom, looking for more advice, great online giveaways, ways to get lots of free things (including groceries) then look no further! This blog is one of my 2009 new years resolutions...so here we go!