A story of Dewalt joy and gladness, by Janeen

Sunday, January 04, 2009 Edit This 1 Comment »
Once upon a time, Janeen visited the website One Project Closer, thanks to a link from her mom's blog. While there, she discovered all kinds of testosterone filled construction projects with lots of ideas for helping and products that would make all her DIY Network watching dreams come true.

When Janeen saw the Dewalt Track Saw, she immediately had visions of cabinetry, drywall and wood flooring passing in front of her eyes...she saw her husband, father and son sweating laboriously with hand saws ad nauseum...but then being relieved and lifted up as if upon angels backs as they used thier new Dewalt Track Saw. She saw cherubs gently packing a bloggy giveaway box with her name upon it...sending it in her general direction thanks to some uniformed delivery agent, and the box flying toward her with godspeed.

Janeen's eyes welled with tears when she saw the faceless delivery man and his truck approach her country drive...and feet as if filled with lead pulled her in agonizing slowness toward his outstretched hands holding the glowing box that held the Saw that would change their lives forever. Oh yes...the SAW OF DESTINY. Millions the world over would forever be changed when they heard the glowing review that Janeen wrote upon her blogs and promoted on twitter and through her mailing lists.

And Janeen and her family lived happily ever after once her parents moved out and thier home was finally finished. She even had dinner at thier house occasionally...just for a change of pace.

The End