Passion for Progress

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The japanese term for constant, never-ending improvement of self.

This is my motto, my drive and my focus. Five years ago, I realized that I was better than the life I had been living. I had been married 11 years to an abuser. I worked hard at jobs that I hated, and left my children every day at day care centers instead of spending my hours with them. Loving them. Learning with them. Five years ago, I changed inside and out. I shed religious views that kept me silent, afraid and meek. I left my husband and began a new life of promise.

I flew a plane.

I quit my job.

I homeschooled my kids.

I remarried a man who loves me and encourages me in whatever endeavor that I choose to persue.

I fell in love with my mom, again.

I blogged.

I had two more amazing children.

I'm still changing, still learning, still working to be a better person and to keep in constant touch with my higher self. That part of me that is divine, that is filled with agape love. I try to bless people (and not just when they sneeze), and to let them know that they are appreciated. I focus on gratitude a reminder that right here, and right now is where I want to be.

Ten-Bills has a beautiful shirt with artwork created by Kenneth Quemuel called the Evolution of Flight. This shirt sums up my feelings about my past, my present and even my future. It represents man in his worst state...his most basest form, moving up to stand proud and strong...believing in himself, and finally to spread his wings preparing to take flight - to THE beyond.


You'll have a chance to win some of the Ten-Bills shirts at Ben Sparks website. The shirts are gorgeous, beautiful art creations that are almost too lovely to be worn. At the very least, should go take a look at some of the images, and see what memories and passions they awaken in YOU.

Blessed Be.


The BenSpark said...

Thanks so much for blogging about my contest. I am working on picking my winners right now.