Company Contacts

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I try to contact about three companies a week. These are companies who's products my family uses regularly, and I'd like to get coupons for.

Today I contacted:

We tried their breakfast sausage this week because I had some coupons that made them cheaper than generic. They were really good...and I'd like to eat more, but I need more coupons! I joined their mailing list and emailed them as well through their "contact" page to give a positive review of their product and to request samples, coupons and new products for review.

Breyers Ice cream
My husband bought me some of the Double Churn Vanilla Ice Cream when I kidnapped and held his ninja for ransom. You may read about that whole experience on my other blog, Your Impact Matters. I love vanilla bean ice cream, and Breyers brand was delicious! So I joined their mailing list, and like with Johnsonville, I requested samples, coupons and offered to review new products.

Although I'm nursing my littlest and we prefer to feed our children homemade fresh baby food that is NOT processed, I do enjoy having baby food on hand for emergencies and for when we travel. I contacted Gerber for this reason, and signed up as with the above companies. Gerber has some printable coupons available on their website, so I availed myself of those immediately while I wait for a response from my email contact and for their first newsletter to arrive.

I read recently online that most companies keep your information for about three months. Whenever I contact a company like the three above, I give myself a notification event four months in the future on my Outlook to notify me to contact them again. If I'm already signed up for their newsletter, then I don't do that again...I just send them an email through their contact form, call or write the company and request free samples, coupons and ask if they have a new product review group that my family may join. I always make sure to let them know how much I love their products, and which products are our favorite!

Have you contacted companies recently for this purpose? I'd love to hear about it...let me know in the comments below! I'd also love to hear if you got something really nifty in the mail after conacting a company for either a comment or complaint! Please share!